Fried Green Tomatos in Geneva Ga

Just a little bit of venturing about the little towns surrounding my city of Columbus.

Geneva Ga. O'Hanlons Cafe.

One thing I love about little towns in south is how unpretentious they are.

Don't be surprised to find amazing barbeque at little places like these.

War Eagle! For today at least!

Can you believe it? I live about 30 minutes away from Auburn and have NEVER been there!

Crazy, I know!

Even driving through the south, it won't be long until you hear those three most common phrases "Go Dawgs!", Roll Tide!", and the good old "War Eagle!"

Now don't run me down here but in full disclosure, I am probably one of the most impartial southerners you will ever find when it comes to sports! Give me a pretty campus, and I'm happy!

Walking around Auburn University was like walking around a Gilmore Girls set ( sorry to drag you down there! I know, I know, the remake was a blast from the past, but kind of a cold chilly wet blast that you wish you could just go inside and forget!). What I mean to say is that it was beautiful and quaint, like a sweet little storybook come to life. Now granted, I was only there probably 40 minutes max and didn't get to really enjoy it ( or see it when the campus is bustling) but still, what I saw was beautiful and I cannot wait to go again.


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Thanks Ya'll!

Bikers, Barkers and Yummy Veggies!

On most days, if I am going some place new or even just simply to places I love to go to, you will see me with a camera. I see things as frames so why not have it with me! This is the beginning of what will probably be many blog posts of things I come across and desire to photograph.

Life, real life. sometimes boring, most definitely imperfect, REAL life is worth being appreciated and remembered and that is what I simply hope to do here. 

Sept. 10th 2016 Market Days Uptown Columbus, Ga.

Taking dad down to Market Day's for the first time was a nice little adventure. The colors, the textures, the yummy smells and so many people to talk to (dad loves to chat!), made it a great first time for him!

Wandering uptown found us upon a Bikers get together of some kind, and even a talented woman sewing some decals on jackets! In his teen years you would have found dad on his prized Yamaha motorcycle. I'm sure checking out the bikes and talking to the owners brought him back to those crazy days. Many ways a good morning, for the eyes and for the heart.

And look what I found!