:I knew that a few years ago Sara and I had crossed paths in classes but never really got to know each other. Time passed and she hit me up for a shoot in Pensacola in case I was heading that way. And I am SO glad that I was!

They were open to locations so I chose one of my favorite area's in Pensacola, the Historic Pensacola Village. Full of history and color, my heart melted with the rainbow of houses and white picket fences.

Everything fell into place as this couple got comfortable in front of the camera. Now guys, you could learn a thing or two from this sweet husband! Comfortable in front of the camera, yes, but even moreso absolutely seamless in making his wife feel beautiful and loved.

This shoot made me wish I could rewind time, that I had gotten to know these two better over the years. Their chemistry exudes energy and love; tender embraces, silly conversations, just flat out best friend-ness that I couldn't help but admire! 

Sometimes I leave a shoot knowing that, yes, I got good shots but longing for that chemistry a photographer feels when the people and the place blend so flawlessly. This shoot. Absolute. Magic.