Megan & Matt Engagement

LOCATION: St.Elmo Columbus, Ga.

I came to know Megan and Matt through Megan's sister Anna. From what I heard, ( all good of course ;) ) was that Megan was a pretty big book lover and that Matt was, well, not a fan of taking pictures! Don't worry guys, I find that quite a bit ( and completely understand as a camera shy person myself )!

It wasn't until the session that I began to see though how perfect these two truly were for each other : like peanut butter and jelly. Both easy going, playful, both with such a sweet spirit that showed a love for the people they came in contact with.

Knowing Megan's love for books ( and my love for things historical), I immediately thought of the St. Elmo house I had passed by many times growing up for the setting of their engagement session. This classic Southern home played host to many historical characters of the mid 1800's including two presidents and General Winfield Scott. This Greek Revival house reminded me of some of the stately architecture represented in the movie Pride and Prejudice ( 2005 version). Now I wish I could claim myself to be a bookworm like Megan but unfortunately I had to rely on the movie for hopefully some accuracy to the books. I told Megan I had a place in mind that had a Jane Austen feel to it and she knew this was the perfect place to get their pics taken.

Without getting too longwinded here, these two were precious. I LOVE awkwardness! And yes, I know, you probably don't want to hear that from your photographer! But honestly, its those moments where the couple flat out ignores that I am there and makes each other laugh that I cherish the most. Instead of going on and on about how adorable these two are, I shall just show you.