Frances Hope - Portraits

 Location:  Columbus, Ga.     Clothing:  The Posh Peach    Floral Crown:  B.Anderson Floral Designs

Location: Columbus, Ga.    Clothing: The Posh Peach   Floral Crown: B.Anderson Floral Designs

When Frances first told me her reasoning for wanting to do a photo shoot I was kinda taken aback. Not because it was some weird crazy reasoning but because it hit me more like a breath of fresh air.

You see, Frances wanted a photo shoot, not because she was engaged, not because she found an awesome guy... but because she wanted to celebrate this stage in her life, her contentment. To know Frances is to know kindness, sweetness, strength, humility; a young lady who stands out, not just because she's tall ( yes, that is obvious) but because she radiates God's love in her heart for people.

Marriage is a beautifully wonderful part of life that offers so much happiness and growth. A recent conversation with a married friend of mine showed just that. She couldn't help but express how happy she was that she had said "yes" and wished more people she knew would not be so hesitant about marriage. I wholeheartedly agree. But as years go by it can become so easy to simply wish for "the one" and let life pass by. Whole seasons of a persons life can be spent wishing it were different. OR it can be embraced, not as a temporary step to a better life but as a God given gift meant to be lived not wished away.

Check out her wonderful blog post about her reason for this shoot here.