Heather & Sabin- Elopement

 Albany, GA

Albany, GA

Deep into the woods we drove. My lovely sweetheart accompanied me on this trip to Albany Georgia, a sweet place for an elopement, though we had no idea how deep into the pines we'd find ourselves! As we followed the groom, Sabin, down winding dirt roads, we wondered what we had gotten ourselves into! Surely if someone wanted to do away with us, this would be the place! ( My mind goes to crazy places, ya'll!).

But as we slowed down to our destination, we could see a perfect precious wedding arch made of branches and twine along a quiet dirt road. My heart leapt with excitement. A field and pines on our right and the solitude of the the ceremony location to our left. Those who know me, know that pomp and circumstance aren't really my thing. Genuine hearts with a love for each other, a love for life and a love for truth... those are what I want to surround myself with. And this was it.

The beaming face of the bride-to-be came into view. She wore joy and kindness like a garment, her free spirit evident with every step. Two adorable little ones rounded Sabins car. The girl, in a warm mustard colored shirt and the boy wearing the cutest red bow-tie and suspenders. The officiant drove up as we talked and greeted us with a bit of humor and laughter.

Simple and sweet, the ceremony began. I can't fully put into words how beautiful this was. The children played and giggled as the officiant spoke. Heather and Sabin, not lost to the setting but completely focused on each other, consumed in their own little world with love so fully in their eyes.