Preserving treasured memories

Prints. Something that we always intend on getting but hey, life gets busy, right? Those photos that you absolutely love become a distant memory sitting on flash drive or in a pile of cds.

The more I delve into family history, the more I fall in love with the actual printed photo or album. Knowing that my great grandparents held the same photo helps me feel in a way more connected to them and more appreciative of the time they took to make that image.

Its beautiful. To have a connection to those you love through something that spans history.

 Floral Crown in Image :  B. Anderson Floral Designs       Silk Ribbon:  Tono + Co     Printed Envelope:  Dinglewood Design & Press

Floral Crown in Image : B. Anderson Floral Designs      Silk Ribbon: Tono + Co    Printed Envelope: Dinglewood Design & Press

The goal of photographers many times is to get themselves "into print", to have their images across the spread of one of their favorites magazines. And don't get me wrong, that would be really, really cool. But truthfully, success has a bit of a different definition for me.

My desire for you as a client is to have images that you can pass down to your family members, to keep as a beautiful reminder of this time and place in your life. If 20, 30 years from now I came to hear that your kids, grandkids, GREATgrandkids even, were sitting in your living room going through your photo album or passing around prints... then I would feel like I made it. I did my job. Your life IS worth remembering and I consider it a huge blessing as a photographer for me to help you see and know that.

As we begin planning your session, I encourage you to consider prints, consider albums. Consider those items and things you want to share with the ones you love! ( For more info on custom family Keepsake boxes contact me here.) Having those prints printed at professional labs that accurately reflect the image I took is SO very important as well!

I say all that to say that it IS up to you! I won't force you into prints or albums ( I know how frustrating that can be!) . But as you go through this process of preserving memories, let me help you get the best product to pass down through generations.  Let me help you record your unique story that deserves to be rememered!

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