Song Wedding

 Location: Columbus, Ga.  Hair and Makeup:  Hair By Kaila C.

Location: Columbus, Ga.  Hair and Makeup: Hair By Kaila C.

It is such a privilege to see a friend fall in love. I've known Chris for years, since high school and youth group. Known to everyone as the faithful friend, he usually had a barrage of kind people setting him up. Everyone seemed to think "he is such a great guy, he can't be alone! We have to find someone for him!".

But God had it all worked out. A few of Chris's friends moved up north and as the great friend he is, he'd travel up north to visit with them. Unexpectedly, through these close friends, this southern boy came to know a sweet fun girl named Emily. They soon became good friends and well, now the rest is history. Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Song!

Somewhere on Pinterest I saw that quote "I'm much more me when I'm with you". Knowing Chris for all of these years, I can say that this is so beautifully true with these two. Both comfortable to be who they are with each other which strengthens their confidence to be themselves around others. Such a beautiful marriage of two friends who make each other laugh and smile on a regular basis.

Congrats Chris! You found a keeper!