Anna & Rickey Engagement Session

Oh my word! Where to start with this ???!!!

Ok, so this young lady is one of the best people on the planet! I really am NOT exaggerating! And oh, yeah, she's one of my best friends!

Anna B., always looking out for others, loving those around her, putting those around her before herself. I've learned a lot from her about being human, and about not needing to be perfect all the time ( those who know me know I'm an unrelenting perfectionist which truthfully is just not healthy). Living life "through the mundane" is something that many people fail to do. Life isn't always amazing trips or exciting adventures, and that's OK. Learning to love and appreciate where you are in life and what surrounds you in the day to day helps you realize sometimes the grass isn't always greener on the other side, that sometimes your grass is beautiful but you miss it by wanting to be somewhere/someone else.

I'll digress from the philosophy now!

Once I joked with her that one day a guy would come out of the blue and she'd be married within the next year. To both of our surprise, that actually happened! After one date Rickey said he knew that this was the woman he wanted to marry! Full of energy and always singing, Rickey provides comic relief when Anna is down and deep conversations when she is pensive. Together they are fun goofballs who also love to think deeply.

Anna, you're probably gonna kill me for adding some of these silly photos of you two! But it shows how comfortable you both are together, and its beautiful.