To many creatives, finding your niche is a journey.

Many times a person starts off in a general fashion pursing a talent or interest until they narrow down what it is they truly feel made to do.

I am SO excited to announce a new direction that Christina Paz Photography will be taking within the next few months. Those who follow me on instagram have already heard me allude to this some in my instagram stories.

You will see changes in my instagram and social media as I begin my services as a Historical Preservation Photographer, specifically that of Family History.

To those who have contacted me and are interested in my Wedding Photography Services, I am still available for weddings but those spots will become more limited as I focus more on my Legacy Sessions ( truthfully that name has been in flux but I will settle on it soon!).

Christina Paz Photography _ Pasiewicz Legacy Session-6.jpg

Preservation of history, especially that of family history, stirs my soul like no other. I have been blessed to have been raised to love and appreciate the history that surrounds me. As an adult, stories from older generations have always sparked my interest. Losing a parent after a long health battle also has brought awareness to how fleeting this life can be and how easily the stories of those around us can be lost and forgotten.

We live in an age where we share tons of photos of our kids and food choices on social media. But are we actually taking the time to preserve the history of our own families past and how it has brought us to where we are today?


Life is precious, let me help you see the value in the life you have lived as well as those around you. Let me take each step with you to preserve photos, stories and legacies through videography, photography and carefully curated albums.

So stay tuned over the next few weeks as I more clearly outline my services and process.

And thank you for joining me in this journey! I can't wait to learn more of yours!

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