4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Eloping

First of all what is an elopement?

The definition of an elopement has changed over the years. For many years the term elopement brought with it the idea of a quick, last minute wedding, sometimes at a courthouse or some vegas casino. But now, the term elopement has gained a different, more elegant tone. A small intimate wedding with selected guests, in an often secluded and personalized location sums up the idea of a modern day elopement.

Everyone is different. Some revel in big parties with tons of guests. Some save up for years for a big day that no one else can top! While there are definitely those out there that those types of weddings fit perfectly, for some, intimate elopements are a better fit.

Here are 4 reasons why an elopement might be a good fit for you!

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Its all about the love

Having a small intimate wedding means that the focus is less on the details, timelines and stresses of a big wedding and more on the love between you and your significant other. Getting lost in the moment and reality of this beautiful promise you are making is a treasure you'll get to keep with you the rest of your life.

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Smaller Wedding, Less Stress

A small wedding can still mean beautiful florals, a gorgeous dress, and a breathtaking location BUT it also can mean fewer details to have plan for such a special day. No big venue hassles, no million and one guest lists to have to run through.


Focus on the Favorites

This day is truly all your own. From the location to the florals, to the amount of people you want at your wedding, its all up to you. Be a minimalist for a day and just include those things you absolutely love. Have a type of bouquet you've been envisioning? Or a dress you've been drooling over? More than likely, focusing only on the things you would love for your wedding day vs. all the unnecessary things will help refocus money towards items that make this day special to you.

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Happy Honeymoon

Something that many times gets pushed to the wayside when planning the wedding is actually being able to go the honeymoon of your dreams. Lavish weddings usually leave little left over in the budget for the honeymoon you wished you had. For some, this means waiting until later for that special trip, and sometimes later includes a few kids in tow. An elopement allows you to focus on whats most important on your wedding day AND allows for you to put that money aside for that desired honeymoon location. And if you decide to make that special place your wedding location and travel for the big day, its doubly fun for all of those involved!



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