Fall Color Inspiration

If you're anything like me, you see pattern and color EVERYWHERE!

Just the other day I was tell my friend how her gold shoe ( off her foot... sitting on the floor ) looked gorgeous in the window light and in contrast to dark hardwood floor. Its just what I see, EVERYWHERE!

An avid Pinterest-er and Instagram-er, I was on search for some fall inspiration and came up with the conclusion that I really hadn't found anything fitting what was in my mind.

So of course, as a creative and photographer I decided to take some photos that captured my take on fall colors and patterns. So here ya go!

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Columbus Ga

Hair & Skin Tone Combos!

Fall is a perfect time for deep tones such as burgundy, burnt orange or teal.

Yes autumn colors can be incorporated into your life by the pieces you wear but don't forget about their relationship to your hair and skin tone!

Add Texture and Class with a hint of jewelry

Yeah...so, I just thought this was fun!

The impact of lighting and backgrounds! Warmer on the left, cooler on the right!

Neutrals : Subtle earthy Makeup + cream sweaters