Mojo Goolsby

Bridget, his owner, laughs“He has his own instagram. He’s really popular downtown...He’s very photogenic. My boyfriend bought him a tuxedo for new years eve. He’s apparently becoming pretty popular in Charlotte as well!"

Favorite memory of Mojo?

"He’ll be seven in February. We’ve had a lot of good memories together. Actually, I’m with the Sheriffs office and Sheriff Darr actually started supporting my training with him (Mojo). He actually paid to get started to get training to be a therapy dog. He is still in training. He has his final test in May. He’s passed everything so far."

Her boyfriend, Max, pulls out Mojos Instagram.

“Thats him in his tuxedo. That’s him in his winter coat when we went hiking last week. He is a stylish little guy. There he is with Santa Claus. This is the girls with him at the Posh Peach.”

Bridgett looks at Mojo and laughs.

“Mojo, you are so freaking popular, its not even funny!”