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Hey, I'm paz!

I am a lover of history, the overlooked and the beautiful.

Dog-mom. Germany born, Georgia bred. Nothing stirs my soul like a good road trip or the opportunity to sit an listen to older generations. I see life in pictures so it only makes sense to have my camera in hand most of the time.

Where did it all start?

Growing up dad always had a disposable camera in hand, documenting all the little adventures that made up my childhood. INFP. Observation is just one way that I enjoy life. As a teen being able to capture high school helped me enjoy and process the little things that made up our quickly changing days. A request to do family photos in my Senior year began my pursuit of understanding photography and learning the art of portraiture. My passion is capturing the beauty of what is on the other side of the camera: whether that be in portraits, in images of everyday life or in family sessions.

Documenting family and individual history is also a passion of mine that has grown into Rooted Tapestry Co.  founded in 2018. Check it out if you're interested in a Family Session!

my loves

Jesus · My pom-mix Mattie · History · Decaf sugarfree mocha frapps with coconut milk ( yeah, I'm one of those people!) · People who see the funny side of life · Eucalyptus anything · Small Towns · Cows! I find them beautiful. Don't ask me why, I truly don't know! · Good conversations · Pickles! · Videography

My Gear

2 Canon 6D's · Love my primes: Sigma Art 35, Sigma Art 85 · Edited with my own presets ( inspired by film).

sessions that i love

The best sessions happen when you let go and just be you. I will guide you and help you into the best light, and shapes for your face and body. Don't underestimate yourself, you're beautiful and I no doubt will be seeing it on my end! Just trust me and the process and we'll do great!

weddings that i love

Small intimate weddings are my jam, a.k.a. the modern definition of an elopement. Envisioning a wedding with 30 guests or under? Then I may be your gal.

Weddings that stir my heart and spark the best images are the ones that make much of your love. Small weddings that highlight the love between you and your groom and rejoice in the decision to join your lives together, excites my soul like no other and I can't wait to capture this beauty for you!


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